HMC Voice Command (HMC) for 3DCoat 2023 & 2024 – ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION –




(Note: For PC only.  Windows 7 thru 11) For 3DCoat 2023 & 2024  – ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION –

Upon completing payment you will be taken to the “Order Received” page.  On this page will be a download button. (See Example Below)

The download will be a zip folder.  In the zip folder will be two files.  One setup exe file and one TXT file.  Just run the setup file and when the setup wizard ask for the key just copy and paste the whole key including the “-” that is in the TXT file.  You can open the TXT file with Notepad and just highlight the whole key and copy it.  (NOTE: This version of the HMC has been configured to potentially work with 3DCoat 2025 as long as Pilgway doesn’t make any unforeseen changes to 3DCoat that makes it not compatible.  If this version of HMC ends up working with 3DCoat 2025 it is a bonus and not apart of the initial sale.)