HMC Voice Command are plugins that allows you to trigger commands with your voice. Think hotkeys but instead of pressing multiple key combinations you simply speak the command you want. No more clicking through menus to try and find commands. With hotkeys you may be able to remember 20 or 30 hotkey combinations but if you know what things are called in 3DCoat, Maya or ZBrush you probably already know hundreds of voice commands. In 3DCoat for example the “Import Retopo Mesh” command in the import menu and is labeled “Import Repoto Mesh” . So, to trigger that command simply say “Import Retopo Mesh”.

There are three versions of HMC Voice Command. One for 3DCoat 2023 & 2024. One for Maya 8.0 thru 2024 and one for ZBrush 2019 thru 2022.

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——2023 & 2024
——-8.0 thru 2024
—-2019 thru 2022